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Goodbye, everybody.....


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Ian and Trudi have now retired, and we do thank you very much indeed for loyally reading and enjoying our magazine through the last twelve years.

The final issue is available to read on PDF, by clicking the page on the left.

Best wishes to you all!





You have and will continue to be something of legend in this business over the years. Someone who told it, as it was, without fear of offending. Your departure will leave a huge gap!           – Brendan McDonnell, Bewleys and Grumpy Mule.

I have just been reading your final issue which is excellent. You will be sorely missed in the industry and I am personally very sorry that you are retiring as your humour, independence and irreverence was much valued.       - Paul Ettinger, Caffe Nero

I think it's amazing what you've achieved as the singular unwavering true voice of the independent coffee folk! You have done it in our behalf time & time again. Heartfelt gratitude for all you've championed for us over the years. For which we raise a glass to you. – Ian Steel, Atkinsons

I has been the best “at the coal face” read. - Simon Wakefield

Good luck my friend and Ciao - Gino D'Acampo, Sent from a Kitchen somewhere.

Oh my god Ian, I actually thought you were joking. What are we all going to do without you?! - Mel Smith

Thank you for the support and interest you showed. I always really enjoyed your magazine and frank style of writing. – Riley, Falcon Speciality Coffee

I don't know any other pen pusher who would be suitable.   Thank you for the superb work and utterly professional journalism, rarely found nowadays -  Alan Godfrey, AGM

You have given so much, provided true inspiration , leadership and above all friendship. – Angus McKenzie, Kimbo

You have clearly made an impact of our industry and the concern for many is who will champion our cause in the future & bring the impartial debate to the table….which is perhaps why many want the publication to continue – Matt Tuffee, La Cimbali

It was one of the few industry publications that seemed to bridge the great gulf between 'Third wave, speciality' coffee shops and 'mainstream' coffee shops – Jeremy Perkins, Bean Brothers

The industry will miss your magazine giving us all news from the length and breadth of the country which was never presented with any slant always factual which was refreshing in this age of sensationalising news to get readers. – Eric Duncan, James Aimer

Your magazine was always well read and well respected.- Rachel Glendenning, Arla

The UK coffee industry will be a little more dull without Boughton's Coffee House. - Paul Maxwell

The industry will miss your magazine giving us all news from the length and breadth of the country which was never presented with any slant always factual which was refreshing in this age of sensationalising news to get readers. - Eric Duncan, James Aimer

Just won’t be the same without Boughton’s to brighten up the day. You did have a knack of digging out the stories... we will miss you  - Stephen Hurst, Mercanta

Your commitment to the industry has been phenomenal and will be sorely missed.  Thank you once again for all your invaluable contribution to the industry.   – Bryan Unkles

Thank you for having put out such an informative and interesting piece of press for so long. I've enjoyed every issue I've read. - Mike Haggerton, Habitat café, Aberfeldy

That is indeed a real shame.  You are I would suggest unique in your approach, a true journalist in our market which will be missed.  – Steve Slark, European Water Care and Beverage Standards Association

Thank you for all the informative and entertaining news over the years. It has been a fantastic resource  – Andrew Tolley, Taylor Street Baristas

Yours is the only trade magazine that I look forward to reading. Humour, integrity, etc etc.  – David Warr, Coopers & Co, Jersey

I’m sorry to see you guys go – Cathal Burke, Marco beverage Systems

Boughton’s coffee news has undoubtedly been a great source of information  – Andrew Knight, Andronicas

I am sad to hear this… I have enjoyed reading your magazine and your work and also your investigative nature.  I think you have been a voice of reason, or at least you asked some good questions of people and of the industry  – Tim Sturk, Baxter Storey

It's such a brilliant read – Adrian Jones, Street Coffee

Your insights and dynamics will be very much missed by the industry – Martyn Herriot, Complete Beverage Solutions and Beverage Standards Association.

Oh no, that's a shame! I'm going to miss reading that magazine  – Rick Tingley, Taylors of Harrogate

No I don’t believe it – surely not?  You did achieve your objective of bringing interesting, well written information to the industry  – Alice Rendle, Edgcumbe Tea and Coffee

I love your mag because of your almost Yorkshireman like approach to telling it like is – Mike Riley, Falcon

Thank you for the entertainment – Coffee House will be sorely missed – Barry Kither, Lavazza

I can’t imagine your shoes can or will be filled, and I will miss the Coffee House capers  – Jonathan Wadham. Rombouts

You have, as you say played by your own rules and have tackled many difficult aspects impartially and fairly. You have document the changes in the industry and through your features, educated many people, myself included, about aspects of the coffee world they knew little about. I think you have been instrumental in shaping the direction of the coffee industry in the UK.  Your ability to communicate the arguments in so many other aspects has allowed a great many people to clarify their thoughts - Simon Bower, Pollards Coffee

The coffee industry will be plunged into darkness without you!  - Nick Tolley, Taylor Street Baristas

Shocked and dismayed to learn or your pending retirement – Andrew Richardson, Whitebeans and ARCS

I do hope someone will be foolhardy enough to take it on and continue to wave the banner for a truly independent view of the marketplace – it would be ghastly if we have to get our news via those with vested interests and their hands in the corporate pockets of the industry , wouldn’t it! – David Wiggins, Cappuccino Rapido and Toast Bakery

You will be sorely missed - Phillip Oppenherim, Cubana

Thank you for a lot of hard work - and even if I didn’t agree and like everything, the coffee business needed a voice, which you were, brilliantly and independently - Peter James, James Gourmet Coffee


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